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Familidoo Beeswax Crayon

Familidoo Beeswax Crayon

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Made of natural beeswax and color pigment, Familidoo Beeswax Crayons glide smoothly on the paper, offering a favorable coloring experience for your loved ones! With 12 vibrant colors included in Familidoo Beeswax Crayon, it helps your children stimulate their visual sense and creativity.


👌Net weight: 250 grams
💡Ingredients: Natural beeswax

Care instruction

🧡Age recommendation: 3+


Product dimension: 23cm x 14cm x 2cm


❓Where is your product made?
✔️Our product is made in Taiwan.

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#We ship Worldwide orders within 7 business days!

#Check more information at the delivery policy page!

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