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Familidoo Travel Cot | 2in1 Diaper Bag

Familidoo Travel Cot | 2in1 Diaper Bag

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Unzip, insert the folding side rods, and in a matter of seconds, the Familidoo Travel Cot is ready for all of baby’s needs whether it be a nappy change or naptime!

The inner mattress can be folded and kept in one of the side storage pockets and when needed fastens in with clip buttons to avoid any slipping.
Familidoo animal design or in the fashionable original colors, as a shoulder bag or handbag – Familidoo Travel Cot suits every mum for every occasion.


    ✔️ Ventilation on both sides to keep the baby cool
    ✔️ Fast disassembly and assembly, easy cleaning
    ✔️ Quickly switch, the mother bag turns into a bed
    ✔️ Bottom opening design, suitable for long-legged babies
    ✔️ Multi-pocket design, feeding bottles, and diapers are all done
    ✔️ Specially designed for your baby to go out, you can sleep at ease wherever you go

    Care instruction

    Age: Newborn – 12 months


    ✔️ Gross Weight: 1.2 kg
    ✔️ Open Dimensions: 41x74x20 cm (Bed)
    ✔️ Folding Dimensions: 41x32x20 cm (Bag)


    ❓Where is your product made?
    ✔️Our product is made in Taiwan.

    Shipping & Returns

    #We ship Worldwide orders within 7 business days!

    #Check more information at the delivery policy page!

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